Run Update #1: Low and Slow

Well, that was certainly… something.

i’m fine, darling

I suppose when you’ve been binge drinking, chain smoking, and overeating without balancing the scales via regular exercise, the probability of a painful re-emergence into the fitness world is going to be amusingly high…

And it was!

The stats: 1.13 miles // 11:12.2 time // 9:55 pace.  Oooffff.

.75 miles into the run, I glanced at my watch and literally said, “Oh my god.” Everything was very tight – my shoulders, chest, rusty legs, running clothes. The preferred finish distance was supposed to be a desirable 2 miles, but I just couldn’t. I literally could not.

I smoked my last few cigs yesterday and contemplated buying a new pack today, but I’m having second thoughts.

It’s 1:15 on a Saturday, and normally I’d be day drunk by now. Instead, I’m watching Ghost World and cooking curry. Bye.

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